2018 Arts & Heritage Scholarships


The National Arts Council (NAC) scholars with Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth; together with NAC CEO Mrs Rosa Daniel, Deputy CE Paul Tan, Assistant CE (Planning & Engagement) Kenneth Kwok, Assistant CE (Sector Development) Low Eng Teong, and Director (Education & Development), Grace Ng.



24 July 2018, Singapore – 14 outstanding individuals have been awarded the National Arts Council (NAC) and National Heritage Board (NHB) Scholarships this year. The scholarships nurture promising individuals who have the potential to drive the development of Singapore’s arts and culture sector. The NAC has committed close to $850,000 to 10 scholarship recipients to support talent development in the arts sector; while the four NHB scholarship recipients will receive approximately $523,000 to further their studies. The broader range of disciplines supported by the scholarships over the years reflects a scene that is growing in sophistication. We hope that the scholarships will continue to encourage talented individuals to explore varied careers in the arts, heritage and culture, and contribute to the development of the landscape.


Please click here for the full list of scholarship recipients.