2013 Arts & Heritage Scholarships Awarded to 29 Outstanding Individuals


29 outstanding individuals were awarded National Arts Council (NAC) and National Heritage Board (NHB) Scholarships today by the Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information, Mr Lawrence Wong. The scholarships cover a diverse and broad range of disciplines, from technical theatre and creative writing, to curatorial studies and social policy. 


As part of ongoing capability development efforts, NAC will be investing nearly $2.4m in its 26 scholarship recipients. They were selected based on their potential to make a positive impact and their passion for developing Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape. NHB’s three scholarship recipients, identified for their zeal and commitment to growing and developing Singapore’s heritage scene, will receive from NHB $0.28m to further their interest and knowledge expertise in their respective fields.


“We recognise certain capability needs in our arts and cultural scene such as in theatre set and lighting design, stage management and production; and also in the fields of creative writing and music composition. Our investment in these areas has thus increased in recent years. Postgraduate scholarships also outnumber undergraduate ones in this cohort, signalling a hunger in our artistic community to delve deeper into their disciplines, enriching their contributions in new areas of our scene,” says Mr Benson Puah, Chief Executive Officer, NAC.


“The heritage scene is definitely growing; the community is increasingly proactive and participatory. We want to develop and nurture individuals who are not only passionate but also have the necessary skills and knowledge to further our cause in heritage.  The investment is thus a long term one to create a sustainable pipeline of talent who would be our future heritage advocates.” says Mrs Rosa Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, NHB.


Mr Izmir Ickbal, who will be pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Scenic Design, at Yale School of Drama in the US, shared: “I am looking forward to reinvigorating my creative processes, after having worked as a scenic designer in Singapore for six years now. It also gives me the opportunity to expand the boundaries of my perspective."


Ms Huang Shu En, Esther, a recipient of the NAC Management Scholarship who will be pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Sciences at the University College of London, says, “I believe in the power of the arts to change lives for the better, and look forward to championing the cause in Singapore.”


Sabrina Sng, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University added, “I am excited about this opportunity now to learn more about experimental theatre. Having studied Chinese Opera and contemporary theatre, this will be a tremendous opportunity to further grow and expand my creativity.  And I am grateful for the learning opportunities that I have had thus far through mentors and internships which have provided me with great starting points to leap off from!”


NHB Scholarship recipient Mr Yeo Kirk Siang, who will be pursuing a Masters of Science in Social Policy and Planning at the London School of Economics and Political Science, says “I am happy to be given the opportunity to further my knowledge in policy work, which will help me gain a better perspective and understanding of how heritage and culture can shape societal trends, and are integral to the fabric of a nation”.


Annex A - 2013 Arts & Heritage Scholarships Recipients