2007 Arts Awards - Open for Nominations!


To date, 88 artists have received the Cultural Medallion, the highest national honour conferred by President S R Nathan for artistic excellence. Another 86 young artists have received the Young Artist Award for showing promise of artistic excellence.


Who else do you think deserves to join the honour roll?


Nominations for the 2007 Arts Awards are now open. The National Arts Council invites the public to nominate deserving Singapore artists for the Awards.


The Arts Awards, comprising the Cultural Medallion and the Young Artist Award, has four broad categories for nominations: literary arts, performing arts, visual arts and film.  The scope of the four categories is as follows:


 Art Form

 Scope (includes, but is not restricted to)

 Literary Arts

 Plays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction

 Performing Arts

 Theatre, dance, music and technical theatre
 (e.g. set design, lighting design, sound design)

 Visual Arts

 Painting, drawing, printmaking, photography,
 sculpture, installation and multimedia




Nominees for the Cultural Medallion and Young Artist Award must be Singaporeans or permanent residents of Singapore.  Nominations supported by the National Arts Council will then be assessed by Specialist Panels for literary arts, performing arts, visual arts, and film. These Specialist Panels will comprise of individuals established in the various respective fields and appointed by the NAC.


Assessment will be based on the following criteria:

a. Candidate should be recognized for his/her artistic work and contribution.


b. Candidate should have attained artistic excellence (for Cultural Medallion award) or have shown potential to excel in his/her field of work (for Young Artist award).


c. Candidate should demonstrate, through a body of works pursued through a number of years, creative originality and professional maturity in one or more disciplines as specified in the scope of award.


d. Candidate should be an inspiration and role model to other young artists in the arts community.


All nominations can be made at the National Arts Council website www.nac.gov.sg. The closing date for nominations is 6pm, 12 January 2007 (Friday).


2007 Cultural Medallion

The Cultural Medallion, instituted in March 1979, is conferred by the President of the Republic ofSingapore upon individuals who have attained artistic excellence.  In October 2006, pioneering member and co-leader of Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Ms Lynnette Seah Mei Tsing, and distinguished painter Mr Tan Choh Tee were conferred the Cultural Medallion.  There are 88 Cultural Medallion recipients to date.


2007 Young Artist Award

The Young Artist Award was introduced in 1992 to encourage the development of new artistic talent inSingapore. The Award, conferred by the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, is accorded to young artists, aged 35 years and below, who have shown promise of artistic excellence. In October 2006, Kelvin Tong (film), Lim Yan (music), Toh Ban Sheng (music), Beatrice Chia-Richmond (theatre), Chong Tze Chien (theatre), Yo Shao Ann (theatre), Francis Ng Teck Yong (visual arts) and Yeo Chee Kiong (visual arts) received the award.  There are 86 Young Artist Award recipients to date.


For enquiries, the public can contact:

Mr Christopher Lim (DID: 6837 9746, email: christopher_lim@nac.gov.sg), or

Ms Anthea Neo (DID: 6837 9513, email: anthea_neo@nac.gov.sg).


We would appreciate it if you can lend coverage to the call for nominations for the 2007 Arts Awards