Date    :  Friday, 20 October 2006


Time   :  6.30pm


Venue :  The Istana


Guest-of-Honour   : President S R Nathan


For the first time, Singapore President S R Nathan presented the Cultural Medallion at the 2006 Arts Awards Ceremony, giving an even greater level of prestige for Singapore’s highest accolade for the arts. Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, also conferred the Young Artist Award to eight recipients at the ceremony.


Cultural Medallion recipients are also eligible for the Cultural Medallion Grant to undertake an arts project. The Grant, established in 2001, is awarded only once in an artist's lifetime and aims to raise the profile of Singapore Cultural Medallion recipients as well as encourage their continuous creation of new and original works.  From Financial Year 2007 onwards, the Cultural Medallion Grant will award up to $80,000 per recipient, an increase of $30,000 from the current quantum. The amount was increased to allow greater flexibility in arts creations, while taking note of prevailing costs in mounting new work.


First instituted in 1979, the Cultural Medallion award recognises individuals who have achieved artistic excellence in their artistic fields. As of 2005, 86 artists have received the Award. The recipients of the 2006 Cultural Medallion are:

  1. Seah Mei Tsing, Lynnette (Music)

  2. Tan Choh Tee (Visual Arts)


The Young Artist Award recognises artists, aged 35 years old and below, who have shown promise of artistic excellence. As of 2005, 78 artists have received the Award since it was first introduced in 1992. The recipients of the 2006 Young Artist Award are:

  1. Kelvin Tong (Film)

  2. Lim Yan (Music)

  3. Toh Ban Sheng (Music)

  4. Beatrice Chia-Richmond (Theatre)

  5. Chong Tze Chien (Theatre)

  6. Yo Shao Ann (Theatre)

  7. Ng Teck Yong, Francis (Visual Arts)

  8. Yeo Chee Kiong (Visual Arts)


Six specialist panels for film, literature, dance, music, theatre and visual arts were set up to evaluate nominations for the awards.  There were 31 nominees for the Cultural Medallion and 40 nominees for the Young Artist Award.


Please refer to the annexes for more information on the 2006 Arts Awards:

Annex 1 – Profiles of Recipients

Annex 2 – Specialist Panels