Presentation Ceremony


 Date:  20 August 2003 (Wednesday) 
 Time:  11.00 am  
 Venue:  Ngee Ann Auditorium
 Asian Civilisations Museum (Empress Place)


The National Arts Council (NAC) will disburse $1 million in scholarships and bursaries to 79 arts practitioners and students this year.  Among the recipients are a number of young arts practitioners who have demonstrated exceptionally active involvement in the arts locally and overseas.


These active young practitioners include multimedia artists Brian Gothong Tan (Shell-NAC Arts Scholar) and Margaret Tan Ai Hua (Chen Chong Swee Arts Scholar), stage actress Patricia Toh Yiling (Shell-NAC Arts Scholar), production manager Audrey Hoo (Arts Professional Scholar), and piano prodigy Clare Yeo (Gifted Young Musicians’ Bursary).  NAC scholarships and bursaries are awarded annually for local and overseas studies in the performing, literary and visual arts, arts management, technical design and arts production. 


With a growing global interest in new media arts, two scholarships will be awarded for studies in this fast-developing genre this year.  Brian Tan will be pursuing a 2 year Bachelor of Fine Arts course in Experimental Animation at the California Institute of the Arts, while Margaret Tan will begin her Masters of Arts in Interactive Media at the Goldsmith University of London.


“This year’s recipients are deserving of the scholarships and bursaries they have earned.  Many have shown impressive track records in showcasing their works in Singapore and abroad, and are committed to training and skills development.  It is also heartening to find young artists who have chosen to further their craft in new and cutting-edge fields.  We hope that they will lead and inspire others to follow in their footsteps of acquiring the necessary training that will help them contribute to the development of the arts in Singapore.  We wish this year's cohort all the best in their pursuits,” said Carol Tan, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Arts Council.


The following scholarships and bursaries will be presented at the Ceremony on 20 August:

  • Shell-NAC Arts Scholarship
  • Arts Professional Scholarship
  • Chen Chong Swee Arts Scholarship
  • Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship
  • Gifted Young Musicians’ Bursary
  • Arts Bursary (Overseas and Local)


2003 Shell-NAC Arts Scholarship

Since the launch of the prestigious Scholarship in 1991, 24 promising young persons have benefited from graduate and post graduate studies in various fields.  The 2003 Scholarship will be awarded to two recipients, Brian Gothong Tan and Patricia Toh Yiling for pursuing experimental animation and acting respectively. The Scholarship funds 100% of a candidate’s costs up to a maximum of $100,000. 


"Shell congratulates Patricia Toh and Brian Tan for their success in this year's Shell-NAC Arts Scholarships.  Their track records, creative energies and passion for their respective art forms have demonstrated to the scholarship panel the potential they have in bringing both their achievements and Singapore's artistic standards to a new plane. As Singapore continues to mould its international identity as a global Renaissance City for the arts, we certainly look forward to the development of the keen talents of these two young persons and their subsequent contributions. 


Shell's contributions through the Shell-NAC Arts Scholarships is part of our long-standing support of the arts in Singapore. Like many of our other social investment initiatives, this outlines Shell's efforts in helping to nurture our nation's most precious resource - its people.  We believe that these efforts play an important role in building a more sustainable future for Singapore and would like to wish our two new, youthful ambassadors to the Shell-NAC Arts Scholarships the very best in their endeavours" said Albert Tan, General Manager, External Affairs, Shell Companies in Singapore.


NAC Arts Professional Scholarship

Launched in 2001, the scholarship assists outstanding arts managers and practitioners to pursue full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies overseas in the field of arts management, technical design and production in the arts.  Recipient Audrey Hoo Kher Hsiu will receive the maximum amount of $100,000 under the scholarship.


Chen Chong Swee Arts Scholarship

Set up in commemoration of the late pioneer artist Chen Chong Swee, the Scholarship assists visual artists to undertake post-graduate studies or research programmes overseas. The recipient is Margaret Tan Ai Hua who will receive the maximum quantum of $25,000.


Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship

Funded by a donation from the estate of the late pioneer artist Georgette Chen, the scholarship provides assistance to students pursuing full-time diploma courses in the performing and fine arts at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts.  A total of $26,000 will be awarded to nine promising students this year.


Gifted Young Musicians’ Bursary Scheme

The Gifted Young Musicians’ Bursary, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Singapore East, is awarded to gifted musicians below 18 years old to pursue pre-tertiary music studies overseas.  It covers the cost of study up to a maximum of $15,000 per year renewable for up to a maximum of 4 years. 11-year old Clare Yeo is the recipient for the Bursary this year.


NAC Arts Bursaries (Overseas and Local)

A total of $625,000 will be awarded to 64 artists and arts students under NAC’s Overseas and Local Arts Bursaries, in support of their training at local and overseas arts institutions. Some of this year’s notable recipients include visual artists such as Salleh Japar, Boo Sze Yang, Francis Ng Teck Yong, theatre practitioner Verena Tay Siew Hui and dancer Jeffrey Tan Joo Kuan.


A list of recipients and amounts awarded under the various scholarship and bursary schemes are attached as follows:

  • Annex 1: Summary of Schemes
  • Annex 2: List of recipients of the Shell-NAC Arts Scholarship, Arts Professional Scholarship, Chen Chong Swee Arts Scholarship, Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship and the Gifted Young Musicians’ Bursary Scheme
  • Annex 3: List of recipients of NAC Overseas and Local Arts Bursaries
  • Annex 4: Programme and Media Reply Slip


Interviews and photography sessions with the recipients can be arranged.  You are warmly invited to attend and lend coverage to the presentation ceremony.  Please RSVP to Lynda Lim by 18 August (Monday), using Annex 4.