20 Musicians Benefit From Pilot Run Of Malay Music Enrichment Course


A first-ever initiative to equip practitioners with critical music skills


Singapore, 2 April 2012 – 20 traditional Malay musicians will graduate from a pilot run of the Malay Music Enrichment Course today. Organized by the Association of Malay Singers, Composers & Professional Musicians (PERKAMUS), this is the first time such a structured programme is developed for Malay music practitioners who have not had the benefit of formal music training. This unique 9-week programme was developed by the Malay Music Development Committee (MMDC), a committee set up by the National Arts Council (NAC), to look into the development of the traditional Malay music scene in Singapore.


 2              Participants of this pilot run include freelance and experienced part-time practitioners.   Taught by local university professors known for their work in this field, such as Dr Tony Makarome and Dr Larry Francis Hilarian, this course aims to help all participants enhance their musical performance and compositions, and introduces elements used in traditional Malay music. The course is of particular benefit to musicians without formal music training, equipping them with the musical communication skills including aural and notation skills that will enable them to document and better promote their musical works.  


 3              In the long run, these skills and the exposure to traditional Malay music are important to the continued promotion, study and preservation of Singapore’s cultural heritage.


 4              Says Elaine Ng, Director of Sector Development, NAC, “We are excited to introduce the Malay Music Enrichment Course. This initiative is part of NAC and MMDC’s efforts to enhance the capabilities of our traditional Malay music practitioners, and to encourage the continuous learning and practice of Malay music and culture.”


 5              Says Yusnor Ef, President of PERKAMUS, “We are very encouraged by the positive response from this first-ever enrichment programme. This is a unique opportunity for PERKAMUS to contribute to the traditional Malay music community, and meet the needs of our musicians in the industry. We are honoured to be able to play such a critical role in the development of traditional Malay music, in partnership with NAC. “


Annex A - Course details for Malay Music Enrichment Course