The DORSCON (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) level for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been raised to Orange. We encourage everyone in the arts community to take the appropriate precautionary measures. 


What does DORSCON Orange mean:


Nature of Disease

Disease is severe and spreads easily from person to person, but disease has not spread widely in Singapore and is being contained (e.g. SARS experience in Singapore)

Impact of Daily Life

Moderate disruption e.g. quarantine, temperature screening, visitor restrictions at hospitals

Advice to Public

·Be socially responsible: if you are sick, stay at home

·Maintain good personal hygiene

·Look out for health advisories

·Comply with control measures


If you are an arts organisation, we recommend that your staff take their temperature twice daily, and advise staff who are unwell to seek medical advice and stay home. 


You may want to consider cancelling or deferring non-essential, large-scale events. If you are proceeding with previously planned events, you and/or the event organiser, should make sure that all necessary precautions for DORSCON Orange are in place.


Your landlord and/or organisations who are hosting you or your activities should be advising you on new measures they have implemented - please consult them, stay informed and comply with these measures.


Otherwise, please consider the following:

  • Restrict the number of entrances at your premise to a minimal.
  • Maintain a visitors’ log of individuals (name and contact number) entering your premises.
  • Look out for and deny entry to any individuals who are unwell with fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough or runny nose.
  • If you are organising an event, maintain a registration list of participants and prominently display notices to remind participants not to attend if they are unwell, placed on Leave Of Absence, or have recent travel history to mainland China. Please request for travel declarations if possible.
  • Please step up on the hygiene level of your arts space, increase the frequency of cleaning commonly used areas (such as toilets, lifts, hand rails, etc.).
  • If you have a presentation venue or facility for hire, identify an isolation room, if possible, for holding any individual who is feeling unwell when he/she is already in your premises. The identified area is to be clearly labelled to prevent anyone who is not equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from entering. The room is to be well ventilated when not in use, and furnished with seats for resting.


Please continue to remain vigilant and be pro-active in safeguarding yourself, your staff and patrons. To stay informed of the situation, kindly refer to this link.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at