To champion the creation and appreciation of the arts as an integral part of our lives.




Home to diverse and distinctive arts which inspire our people, connect our communities and position Singapore globally.

Core Values

Passionate: We believe in what we do and will give of our best.
Creative: We are resourceful and innovative, and we dare to change.
Professional: We achieve excellence through best practices.

Our Strategic Thrusts

Engagement: To promote the arts for expression, learning, reflection and community building

We cultivate arts engagement from a young age by ensuring access to quality arts education at all levels. Our arts programmes are designed for the larger community to enhance life, tighten social bonds and strengthen our identity.


Excellence: To shape our cultural development through the arts

Singapore’s rich and diverse cultural heritage can encourage artistic creation that inspires local and global audiences. We focus on reconnecting to our artistic traditions and cultural heritage, striving for authenticity in our identity.


Ecosystem: To develop a sustainable environment that enables artistic creations to entertain, enrich, and inspire

NAC aims to build a sustainable arts industry through grants, scholarships and schemes. We collaborate with other government agencies to nurturing an ecosystem of arts practitioners and professionals. Through art awards, we recognise our artists and patrons to spur them on.

Singapore Quality Class Award



The National Arts Council has been awarded the Singapore Quality Class with People Excellence Award in 2018. The award is a national recognition for organisations that are committed to achieving business excellence with a total approach to managing people and attaining high performance through its people systems.