Release of the report of the Advisory Council on Culture and the Arts which paved the way for the formation of the National Arts Council and the building of The Esplanade.


Formation of the National Arts Council on 15 October from the amalgamation of the Singapore Cultural Foundation, Cultural Division of Ministry of Community Development, Festival of Arts Secretariat and the National Theatre Trust.


 Signing of a 2-year Memorandum of Understanding for cultural co-operation between NAC, Scottish Arts Council and Strathclyde Regional Council. 


Launch of the Arts Education Programme in Schools to promote arts appreciation among the young.


Official opening of two arts housing projects, ONE-TWO-SIX Cairnhill Arts Centre and the new premises of the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society.


Launch of the inaugural Festival of Asian Performing Arts (5 to 24 November) which focuses on Asian arts forms and artists.


Launch of the Shell-NAC Arts Scholarship for overseas tertiary studies in the arts and Chen Chong Swee Art Scholarship for overseas postgraduate studies or research programmes in visual arts.


Launch of the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship for diploma courses at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts or LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts.


Launch of the NAC-Esso Concert in the Park series which offers free outdoor performances in public parks.


Victoria Theatre receives ISO 9002 certification.


Re-organisation of NAC on 1 October, leading to the set up of the International Relations Unit and the Strategic Development Division.


Official opening of YMS Arts Centre, an arts housing project, on 11 October.


Revival of busking to enliven the cityscape and provide a platform to showcase local talents.


Official opening of Telok Kurau Studios for visual artists, an Arts Housing project, on 28 March.


Signing of a Cultural Memorandum of Understanding between NAC and Arts Victoria, Melbourne on 22 July.


Nine arts groups are given arts housing in the Chinatown conservation area.


First Community Arts Day organised by NAC and the Northeast Community Development Council on 29 November to cultivate active community support for the arts.


Inaugural National Indian Music Competition (7 & 8 December) aims to improve music standards, identify potential talents and develop performing skills.


Set up of the Choral Development Secretariat to promote and develop choral music in Singapore.


Launch of NAC-Shell Community Arts Series on 27 March to bring arts to the heartlands.


Launch of NAC-M1 Jazz Jam series to bring free jazz concerts to the public.


Launch of the annual Singapore Arts Festival following the merger of the biennial Singapore Festival of Arts and Festival of Asian Performing Arts.


Completion of the Waterloo Street Arts Belt with the official opening of two arts housing projects, Sculpture Square on 22 October and 42 Waterloo Street, home to ACTION Theatre on 12 November.


Launch of the Arts Supporter Award on 27 January to encourage small donors to support the arts.


Release of the Renaissance City Report on 9 March which articulates a vision of Singapore as a world class city supported by a vibrant cultural scene and outlines the strategies required.


Arts companies receive major boost in funding through the new Two-Year Major Grant and the Annual Grant.


Signing of the Singapore-Paris Cooperation Agreement on 20 December.


Official opening of DBS Arts Centre - home of the Singapore Repertory Theatre, an arts housing project, on 24 April.

Launch of Arts Xplosion, a free calendar of arts events on 24 June.

Signing of the second Memorandum of Understanding on the Singapore-Philippines Cultural Cooperation Programme between NAC and the Philippines National Commission for Culture and the Arts on August 25.


NAC receives the People Developer Award in January.


Completion of the Little India Arts Belt where arts groups are housed in renovated shop-houses.


Launch of the National Arts Education Award on 7 May to recognise schools for best practices in the promotion of arts education.


Closure of Drama Centre on 15 July for expansion of the Singapore History Museum.


Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between NAC and the National Council for Culture and the Arts of the United States of Mexico on 22 October.


Establishment of The Old Parliament House Limited, a company limited by guarantee, to manage the old Parliament House which will be converted into a multi-disciplinary arts and heritage centre.

Hosting of three international conferences in Singapore - the International Society of Performing Arts Congress in Singapore (18-21 June), 2nd World Summit on the Arts and Culture in Singapore (23 to 26 November), inaugural ClickArt - World Photojournalist Meet 2003 (12 to 14 December).


Launch of a new series of concerts, The Stage is Yours on 7 February to engage public participation in the arts.


Re-organisation of NAC on 15 April with the adoption of the Cluster Development strategy to develop the arts ecosystem.


Inauguration of Singapore Season, a multi-agency effort to showcase Singapore's artistic achievements in key global cities, in London from 25 February to 5 April.


Launch of Noise Singapore, an arts festival for young people, by young people using everyday communication tools, the Internet and mass media as platforms for creative showcases.


Inauguration of the Singapore Art Show, a national platform for Singapore visual artists to showcase their latest artworks, that is part of an integrated framework of two biennial visual arts platforms developed to provide expanded and diverse visual arts showcases in Singapore.


Signing of a Cultural Memorandum of Understanding between the National Arts Council and Arts Council England on 16 March.


Signing of Memoranda of Understanding with Republic Polytechnic and People's Association on 3 August and 31 October respectively, to engage the wider community in the arts.


For the first time, Singapore President SR Nathan presents the Cultural Medallion at the Arts Awards Ceremony, raising the prestige of Singapore's top honours for the arts further.


Launch of the biennial contemporary visual arts exhibition, the Singapore Biennale, featuring artworks from international and Singapore artists and art collectives across multiple venues in Singapore.


Launch of a new identity for Singapore's Arts and Heritage District, a national branding platform for Singapore Arts on 1 February.


The Singapore Arts Festival celebrates 30 years of performance longevity, attracting over 700,000 people.


Inking of a strategic alliance between the Singapore Arts Festival and the Edinburgh International Festival, and renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Scottish Arts Council on 4 June.


Launch of the Community Participation Grant to involve members of the community in the creative process.

Launch of Keppel Nights, a subsidised ticket purchasing scheme to increase access to the arts for new audiences.

The 2nd Singapore Biennale themed Wonder.


NAC co-hosts the renowned Genee International Ballet Competition with the Royal Academy of Dance.


Singapore Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival.


Noise Singapore is Festival Partner of the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games.


NAC announces the New Framework for Arts Spaces, with Goodman Arts Centre as its pilot project.


Launch of new initiatives under the 5-Year Traditional Arts Plan to ensure its growth and sustainability.


Singapore Writers Festival goes annual (previously held once every 2 years).



Opening of Gillman Barracks, a contemporary art destination featuring galleries from 10 countries.


NAC launches Seed Grant (Organisational Development).