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Our SG Arts Plan (2018-2022)

Our Vision for the Arts (2018 – 2022)

Singapore has come a long way since its independence. As our economy developed and our physical landscape transformed, our cultural policies kept pace, shaped by the aspirations of our people. 

Our SG Arts Plan (2018–2022), developed in close consultation with the arts community and stakeholders, maps the National Arts Council (NAC)’s priorities to bring Singapore’s arts development to new heights. The arts must energise and excite Singaporeans, bring people together and reflect what Singapore represents to the global community. 

We have identified the following three strategic thrusts:

  1. Inspire Our People - Singaporeans are empowered to create, present and appreciate excellent art.
  2. Connect Our Communities - Diverse communities come together to enjoy and support the arts.
  3. Position Singapore Globally - Arts and cultural icons and works are appreciated by audiences and critics at home and abroad.

Guided by these three strategic thrusts, we have defined the following eight priorities that will guide future arts and culture initiatives:

  1. Strengthen NAC's role in leading and championing the arts in Singapore
  2. Increase our focus on growing audiences
  3. Build diverse capabilities in the arts sector
  4. Increase sector-wide support for freelance arts professionals
  5. Use technology to improve art-making and outreach efforts
  6. Strengthen research in the arts sector
  7. Strengthen programme design to maximise the impact of the arts on society
  8. Take Singapore’s arts beyond our shores

Our SG Arts Plan (2018-2022) can be read in full here.

While the pandemic had disrupted many plans and posed challenges for the sector especially in terms of internationalisation and audience development, it also created new possibilities and accelerated the growth of certain areas of work. NAC has started engagements for the next iteration of the Arts Plan with key opinion leaders and stakeholders from the arts community, business and social sectors, public agencies and community at large, to develop the strategic directions to continue championing the arts amidst the changing operating environment to plan for 2023 – 2027.